Most Common Research Papers About the Church

The Church is not immune to research. After all, the role it plays in promoting education in the communities is highly crucial. It is little wonder that teachers often ask students to write research papers about the Church. For the most part, the papers focus on specific topics.

The most common research papers about the Church often touch on the following topics:

Church Leadership

Leadership is one of the most commonly researched aspects of the Church. What is the leadership structure? What is the hierarchy? Who is in complete control of the Church? Any research on the Church that fails to look at this issue would be incomplete.

History of the Church

On top of that, research has to delve on the history of the Church too. In this regard, it will seek to answer a few questions. For example, how did the Church start? Who founded it? Who formulated the membership?

The Church’s Role in the Community

What is the role of the Church within the community? How does it relate to the society that it serves? Is it involved in the day-to-day activities and wellbeing of its congregants? These and other questions make up any research that touches on the Church.

What is the Relationship between the Church and the Government?

Research about the Church must also study its relationship with the government. After all, the two need each other. For the most part, the relationship between the two tends to be solid and without much drama. However, there are cases when it can get quite frosty.

The Church and Wars

What has been the Church’s role in the many wars that have pitted nations against nations throughout the history of humanity? Pegging your research paper on this would give you plenty to write about considering the tome of information that’s readily available on the subject.

How does the Church Help the Family?

You would never go wrong by writing a research paper on how the Church has influenced and continues to influence the family today. How does the Church define the family in view of all the different emerging perspectives on what constitutes this basic unit of society.

The Church’s Attitude to Sex and Family Planning

Over the years, the Church has made its stance on sex and family planning public. It has never shied away from saying what it considers the right approach to issues regarding sexual health and other related topics. For this reason, you would be justified in writing this research paper.

What are the Most Common Problems in Church?

Research papers that look into the most common problems in the Church have proved quite popular over the years. Problems exist in churches. After all, the Church is not just the building or name. It is full of people who come to church to worship with plenty of problems.

Understanding the Early Church

Furthermore, it is also common for students to write research papers on the early church. The Church hasn’t always been part of human life. It emerged from Judaism following the birth, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.

The State of the Modern Church

In what state is the modern church? How healthy is it? Is it evolving? Is it changing with the times? Obviously, it is not what it was at the beginning. A research paper that is based on any of these issues would be wonderful.

What Role does Music Play in the Church?

Throughout history, music has always played an important role in the Church. Today, that statement holds true just like it did throughout the time the Church has existed. Therefore, writing a research paper based on the relationship between the Church and music is a great idea.

So, there is no doubt that you can never run short of topics for your research paper. Use any of the suggestions listed above to write your paper. Whatever you choose, the key is in conducting proper research, structuring the paper appropriately, and writing a flowing paper.