Welcome to Rock Creek Parish ministry research website. We’re glad you’re here. We invite you to spend some time reading about the various research information we’ve conducted with various students to understand better on how education can impact the church.

We hope that what you find here points you toward God, reveals His love and gives you some sense of how we practice being disciples of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Christian academic research is important to us at Rock Creek Parish. This is because we’re able to go into various issues in depth by using available research papers to answer questions that cannot be answered in a church or community setup. What informs the running of this church-based research repository is to understand one’s spiritual nature and the relationship to self, each other, family and make a difference as hallmarks of our living faith.

It is our hope the website will inspire you to join us as we gather in community to worship God, grow as disciples of Jesus, and share the love of God. We are a community comprising people of different cultures, ages, genders, and perspectives, but we all claim Rock Creek Parish as our spiritual home.

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